Pandora Na’vi River Journey Shaman LE released; glows in the dark

A new Pandora Na’vi River Journey Shaman Limited Edition 5000 Glow-in-the-dark MagicBand was released today. According to, the band was out at Wind Traders in Animal Kingdom this morning, and as they were taking pictures of the band a manager came over and quietly pulled them all for a quick sticker price change. They are now back on the shelves.

The barcode SKU of this band is 400020450630 and the price is $39.99, an increase from the normal $32.99, most likely because of the extra glowing effects this band has.

This band will look amazing on the Na’vi River Journey ride with all of the black lights. Here are some pictures:



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  1. Does anyone know if all limited edition merchandise is now “in park only” for purchase ? Every L.E. Pin and magicband I find on the app says that.

  2. Just bought two today at about 7pm (April 12th) at windtraders and though there were only 4 on the shelf they said they were fairly sure they had more in the back 🙂

        • Jane, and Mickey & Minnie meet n greets. And the magic band was given to every Cast Member eligible to attend (meaning you had to be off today or gotten off of work in time to be able to go, before it ended at 5pm) Disney is pretty strict about reselling Cast Member exclusives for any kind of profit, so I’m unsure about who would be willing to part with one

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