New MagicBand packaging now appearing for older MagicBands

As predicted in a previous post, older MagicBands such as Stitch, Minnie Mouse, and Sorcerer Mickey have begun to appear for sale within the Walt Disney World Resort with the new style packaging (what I like to call Version 2 style). Here’s a look at a few real shots of these items in the new packaging. As you can see, Stitch is now clearly visible and easily distinguishable from the solid red MagicBand, which was a big problem with the older box packages.

stitch_new_front stitch_new_back

mickey_new_front mickey_new_back

minnie_new minnie_new_back

Update: As of April 2015, the Princesses and Haunted Mansion MagicBands are now also in new packaging. The remaining bands that still need new packaging are all of the solid color bands and the original Frozen Open Edition bands (Anna, Elsa, Olaf). The Big Hero 6 MagicBand was a Limited Release and is sold out and most likely won’t ever been released in the new packaging style.

princess_new_pack princess_new_pack2

$_57 $_57-1

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  1. The Dinosaur post-ride gift shop seemed to have almost every Magicband available right now (meaning it wasn’t a limited edition that already passed) including these two and the Minnie Mouse polka dot band.

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