High quality images of the pink 2015 runDisney Princess Half Marathon MagicBand, and more

Here are some high quality pictures of the new pink 2015 runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend MagicBand. The band can be found at the runDisney Expo at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex from February 19-22, 2015. The MagicBand is located in the checkout line at the runDisney Merchandise store in the HP Field Center, not at the Jostens’s Center like at the previous event where the blue band was unveiled. The band is Limited Release.

IMG_0832 2

IMG_0832 IMG_0831

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  1. Hey Ethan,
    so this new blue RunDisney MagicBand is a different one from the one sold in January, cause supposedly this one has “Limited Release” written inside, while the previous one didn’t.
    Is that right?

      • The blue RunDisney MagicBand that was sold in February at the Disney Princess half marathon had the sticker that says Limited Release on the package. As did the pink one. I only bought the pink MagicBand and it does have “Limited Release” on the inside, so I assume the blue one does as well. The previous blue RunDisney MagicBand that I bought in January did not have the sticker on the package nor the writing on the inside, so I guess the February blue MagicBand must be a new batch that actually is a “Limited Release” edition. Does this mean we have to buy this one too?! lol

        • All of the blue ones I bought at Marathon Weekend all had Limited Edition stickers on the packaging, but just didn’t show it on the MagicBand inside.

          I ordered two from eBay for the Princess Half and will post when I find out if they say “Limited Edition” on the inside or not.

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