Multiple Open Edition MagicBands released today including Up, Minnie, and Belle

Multiple new Open Edition MagicBands have been released today. They include the Up band (which I mentioned in an earlier article here), a new animated Belle band which I had no idea was coming, and a previously releases Minnie Mouse Signature design updated in MagicBand 2 form. The images were taken from eBay, so I am unsure which stores these are being sold at right now in Walt Disney World, but I am sure they’ll be everywhere very shortly.


SKU/barcode: 400020014795




SKU/barcode: 400020130020


Minnie Signature

SKU/barcode: 400020014832


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  1. Should I look for these on the Disney Store website or the Shop Parks app? I’m hoping to purchase the Up band for a trip in April. Thanks so much!

  2. I happily ordered my UP! one this morning through the app. Does anyone know if it will have any special effects? I’m doubting it since it’s not an LE, but you never know.

    • Hi Jared,

      I just bought the Belle band and Epcot a week ago. They had a lot of them. You can find it in Mousegear and the shop to the right of Spaceship earth when entering the park.

  3. I’m looking for the Minnie signature one, and I can’t find it on the Disney Store app. Could it just be sold out and they’re trying to make more?

    • It was on Disney Store. They must have pulled it or sold out, strange. I think you can find it at WDW currently so I’m sure it will come back online soon.

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