2017 Epcot Flower & Garden Limited Edition MagicBand revealed

The 2017 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival starts this week on March 1st, and with it will come another Limited Edition MagicBand. This year, as I posted about earlier, the band will feature Figment and Mickey Mouse in an all new design. The band will be Limited Edition 2500, make special effect lights and sounds at Epcot touch points, and cost $32.99. The barcode/SKU for this item is 4000201300131. I am unsure right now if this will appear on the Shop Disney Parks app, but I have a feeling it will.


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  1. 8:30am on March 1 – Just found them on both the app and Disneystore.com

    Hey Ethan, is there a centralized list somewhere of which bands make lights/sounds at which parks? And whether they’re entrance only or FP+, too?

    Are there any bands that make lights/sounds at Animal Kingdom?


  2. Im surprised no one has been able to define what they do or posted a video yet. Super excited to see them in action!

  3. so far, I have only seen it work at entrance to Epcot. It flashed yellow and speaker was turned off so I don’t know what the sound is. I tried it at The Land and it was only green (I think the Land scanners usually don’t do anything though) but then also tried it at Soarin’ which usually works (and has worked with last year’s F & G band) but it was just green as well :(. My b/f was with me and had the same things happen to him as well.

    The last time we were there, I used the new band which was just green at Soarin ‘and he used the same scanner with last years and his worked.

    If I had known it was only going to work at the Epcot entrance, I wouldn’t have bothered buying it.

    • Yeah, I’ve run into this too. It made the yellow flashing at the entrance and no where else…I wore last year’s and it turned color/made noise at every touch point. Are any of the other new 2.0 LE bands only working at the entrances and not FP points?

  4. My boyfriend has the D23 Destination D magic band that does special lights and sounds at Animal Kingdom. For some reason last at our fast passes, he’d scan his and it would do lights and sounds, I did mine right after and it did the same thing. The weird thing is, the lights and sounds were identical. I think it was more of a quirk of the timing and the scanners, than the F&G band working at another park. Still fun, though!

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