Most original designs from MagicBand On Demand move to MagicBand 2

A while back I posted an article about when MagicBand On Demand re-launched for MagicBand 2 bands, and how some, but not all, of the original designs had been moved over. Well, it appears Disney has begun the process of moving over most of the remaining designs. Tonight at the Magic Kingdom kiosks a number of designs appeared updated for MagicBand 2. Also available is a his/hers Star Wars set that was out on the original MagicBand On Demand system that I missed, but is also now available on MagicBand 2.

Here are the Star Wars designs that are “new” for MagicBand 2 (as in, I never got a picture of the original MagicBand designs when they were at kiosks):

This Toy Story design has been modified again (what is this, the third or forth slight modification?). The sky is no longer a gradient into the band color, and is instead cut off by the final cloud and Woody’s hat:

I also don’t recall seeing this specific yellow-only Beauty and the Beast design with On Demand before:

And here are all of the old original designs now moved to MagicBand 2:

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  1. Any idea if the Peter Pan design has the printing flaw? I remember the original magic band had that option briefly but it was took away due to it not fully printing P and F, and some of the pixie dust
    I’d love to get one made if they fixed the errors

  2. Hi Ethan,

    Is the “Peter Pan’s Flight” band anywhere for sale? These are all truly beautiful!

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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