MagicBand 2 bands arriving for Annual Passholders in new box

Thanks to Twitter users we are now seeing the first pictures come in of the MagicBand 2 in Annual Passholder’s hands. As I first posted about a while back, all AP orders from now on will be in MagicBand 2 form. The bands are solid colors and come in a new eco-friendly AP box. They¬†still come with Annual Passholder themed MagicSliders as before

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  1. Will current annual pass holders receive the new band? I still have my original but I was just curious as I’ll be going this Friday.

  2. I renew my AP,

    and I am about to summit my new magic band, But the picture the system show is the old magic band,
    How can I get the new magic band design

  3. Hi,

    I have a question, and I hope someone here can answer it. I know Disney doesn’t ship MagicBands internationally, and that if you become a AP holder you need to buy your own. At least that’s what I’ve been reading. I was wondering if International AP holders can still get a Passholder slider, because I really want one when I become a AP holder next October.

    Kinds Regards.

    • I am not sure. You may want to ask Guest Relations in Disney Springs (at the Welcome Center) if they have them. Otherwise I don’t know of any way besides looking on eBay. Sorry!

  4. Hi! I renewed my AP 1/1/17 and I still don’t see the ability to order my new magic band… I’m assuming I’ve got to contact them directly, but has anyone else had this happen?

  5. I received our AP magic bands but no sliders were included. There was a note that there were out of stock? Will these be sent to us or can we pick up at our resort or need to visit Guest Relations?

    • We received the same note in our box. It said they would ship them in the Spring when the sliders are back in stock. Since then, I have chatted once and emailed once and both times the CMs still didn’t have a date when they would be back in stock. I know it’s silly, but this is our first time getting annual passes and I was looking forward to that slider.

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