Lady and the Tramp featured on new Limited Edition 2500 Valentine’s Day MagicBand 2

A new Limited Edition 2500 MagicBand 2 to celebrate Valentine’s Day has been released in Walt Disney World today (most likely a bit earlier than planned). The band features Lady and the Tramp and a handful of them are available today in Animal Kingdom at the The Dino Shop Institute. The band is $32.99 and the SKU / barcode is 400020014757.

This band should end up making lights and sounds at entry touch points throughout Walt Disney World. Once I know the effects the band makes, I will post a video of it here on the blog.

Special thanks to reader Michael for the info.

UPDATE: I’m told these have been pulled from the shelves as they were supposed to be sold until January 13th, 2017.



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  1. These look really awesome and I love the box. Do you think they will sell these on the online store? Seems like the other limited edition ones sell online as well. I’m new to collecting magicbands.

  2. Greetings, all. This magicband is now available on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app, however I am not seeing it at the Disney Store online yet. There’s a Valentine’s Day Gifts banner on the mobile app, so maybe when they add something similar online, it will be there as well.

    • Just ordered mine. Hoping they don’t cancel it like the New “its a small world” one when it first showed up in the app. Just note, I ordered “its a small world” along with the Star wars MB2 when first appeared in the app. They told me they had to cancel my order and only send me the Star Wars because they ran out. I waited a couple of weeks to reorder it when it showed up again.

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