Some Disney resort guests are now receiving MagicBand 2 bands in advance of their vacation

The first Disney resort guests are now receiving MagicBand 2 bands in the mail. @batfrankk on Twitter posted an image of the bands he got in a resort-stay box. MagicBand 2 style bands have been sent to Annual Passholders for the last few weeks, but now resort guests should be getting them as well more and more throughout the rest of January. I am not yet sure if this is for specific resorts, or if this is rolling out to all guests now, but it looks like the change is now happening for non-AP vacationers.

I expect to see solid color MagicBand 2 bands available for purchases with in the Walt Disney World parks sometime this month as well.

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  1. I know this question may not apply to the is article and it has probably been answered elsewhere, but I’ll ask anyways: Will the Magicband 1.0’s still be able to be used in the near future? I would like to purchase a LE one and try it out before it became null.

  2. The customization option on MDE is still showing the old style band for my upcoming stay in mid February. I don’t know if that means I’ll get the old style band or perhaps they just haven’t updated the graphics yet. Should I get the new MB2 for a stay during that timeframe? I’m in Canada, so will have to pick up my MB at the front desk.

    Just asking because I have all colours of the old style but grey. If I’m going to get the old style, I’ll order grey to complete the set. If I’m getting the MB2, I’ll order red as that seems to go better with some of the accessories I’ve seen. 🙂

    • The site just hasn’t been updated, but if they get shipped to you you will get MagicBand 2. If you have to pick them up at the front desk then you most likely will get MagicBand 1. These will change over to MagicBand 2 starting in late February.

  3. Any word on when the accessories will be available? I would like to get holder with the carbinor to hook on my backpack or lanyard. Not going till May so I still have time.

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