Limited Edition 3000 Easter MagicBand for sale February 23rd

Special thanks to Jeremy W. on the Facebook group for alerting me to this.

A new Limited Edition 3000 MagicBand created especially for Easter will go on sale starting February 23rd, 2016 on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app before it appears in the theme parks. The retail price is $32.99 and should be available in multiple locations throughout Walt Disney World when it is released, but most likely will be easiest to find in the Magic Kingdom. It’s unknown what day it will be released at Walt Disney World yet.

If history is any guide, this band should make some type of lights/sounds at FastPass+ and entry touch points. I’ll get a video of any special effects that could occur in the coming days. This is the first year Disney has ever done any type of MagicBand for Easter.

Here’s some preview pictures:


IMG_0405 IMG_0404


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    • i know right?! the minute i saw it today i was like MUST BUY NOW OR REGRET IT FOREVER LOL i like that they are making more limited bands

  1. I’m going to guess it will light up a combination of pink and blue. I always try to guess what colors they make. Looking forward to seeing your video post on the band ☺

  2. omg thank you so much you helped me get the halloween band that was awesome during the party! and now you’ve helped me score this gem! i was debating on taking my halloween to the park on my upcoming trip the 11th but i managed to get the easter one can’t wait to see its effects!! i love these bands with special effects some say they don’t wanna pay but I’m like more for us that do lol
    again thanks for the heads up!!

    • I’m with you, Cameron. Though the price is a bit of an ouch, it’s so worth it for the bands that make lights and sounds. Techie excitement and extra wonder! Can’t wait for the video. I’m hoping for a Mickey voice!

      • Me too Trina !! I was disappointed with this years Halloween band as I had heated the original with Mickey saying happy Halloween don’t get me wrong I still liked the new one just was hoping to hear that mouse lol

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