Exclusive: A new Zootopia MagicBand to be released soon

A new MagicBand featuring Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from the movie Zootopia will be released soon. Zootopia, for those of you who don’t know, is an upcoming animated movie by Walt Disney Animation Studios. That studio also most recently brought us Big Hero 6, which at the time had a Limited Release MagicBand. This new Zootopia MagicBand is also a Limited Release and will cost $27.99 at retail. I’m still wait on Disney for official word on a release date.

Here’s some preview pictures:

MagicBand_350x640_Zootopia_B1_16604 400000311623.7

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    • Me too! I was there that day and didn’t get it. I feel like it’s the biggest mistake I ever made.

      Now only way is to get on eBay ?

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