Disney Parks Blog unveils a new Orange Bird giveaway MagicBand for 200 people at a DVC25 event

Today the Disney Parks Blog held another special event, this time for the Disney Vacation Club’s (DVC) 25th anniversary. Disney invited 100 people plus 1 guest each to the event, for a total of 200 people. For more details about this event and what it included, see this link. For attending, each person got a special Orange Bird MagicBand. This is the third type of Orange Bird MagicBand seen, and the second one from the Disney Parks Blog as a giveaway. It’s unknown if more of these will be given at a future event or not. As usual for giveaways, there is no “Limited Edition” or “Limited Release” printed on the back, even though the band is indeed very rare.

Giving away special MagicBands at Disney Parks Blog events is becoming common, as this is the third type of band given away (the other two being the first Orange Bird and the Mickey Bar bands). Expect more of these types of giveaways in the future…. I hope!

Here’s some pictures as well as an official graphic from Disney:


FullSizeRender IMG_3055

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