Disney Parks Blog gives away special MagicBands for tonight meet-up event in WDW

About a week ago the Disney Parks Blog put out a special invite and contest to win free tickets to the opening of the 2015 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!, which is taking place today (September 15th, 2015). At the meet-up inside of the park, special Disney Parks Blog MagicBands were given out as gifts to event winners/attendees. The graphic band features Orange Bird in a really neat design on a yellow base color. I love this design and this is very cool! There were approximately 150-200 guests who received one of these bands each.CO-iwUWUsAAvYr-

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These bands are not listed as Limited Release or Limited Edition on the back and does not make lights and sounds at FP+ touch points. I’m still not sure if these will be given away at any future Disney Parks Blog events or meet-ups. They did not come in a special box.

Here is the special lanyard that meet-up guests received:

CO-UAJrUYAAR8L7.jpg-large CO-UUWPW8AAPXex.jpg-large

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  1. I got one! It was a great event with an extra special surprise. The design hanging off the inner band impressed a lot of us. The blog posted a food and wine contest today and a Mickey Mouse magic band is listed as one of the prizes. Fingers crossed!

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