First pictures of the 2015 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party MagicBand; LE 4000

Here’s a first look at some higher quality pictures of the new 2015 Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party MagicBand. As predicted, it is Limited Edition with an amount of only 4000 this year (compared to 5000 last year). This makes sense as many were for sale after the party was over last year.

I’ll try and get a video of the lights/sounds at FastPass+ touch points as soon as tomorrow morning.






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  1. They’ll only have these on the shelves during Mickey’s Halloween party correct? Unless there are leftovers after the last night of the event of course.

  2. This is so amazing! Not only is it perfect for my honeymoon, but its our wedding colors, and we live near Sleepy Hollow! I’m so excited to see the lights and sounds.

  3. You know what’s super interesting is that this is the first limited edition magic band that has a park name on it. I wonder if they are trying to say that it will only make sounds at the Magic Kingdom.

    • Correct, it’s the first one. And yes, it will only make sounds at the Magic Kingdom. The only other band that has something similar is the 2015 Limited Release band that says “Walt Disney World” on it.

  4. Hearing that they sold through their supply on the first night really worries me about being able to get one at the Party on Oct. 2nd. 🙁

  5. PSA: If you are worried about the unavailability of this magic band for the event the rest of this week or in the future do not worry, Melody from Disney World support confirmed to me that they will be available at all night of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

    Just in case anyone was concerned about not being able to get a band if you are going in later September or in October! Have a magical day!

  6. Going the first night, Saturday the 27th. Confused, if they’re only available at the park during the Halloween party how have they already sold out of the first nights supply? Thanks.

  7. Just bought mine around 3pm at the Emporium. I asked lady at the counter for it, she said “ok let me go into the back.”

    As she handed it to me she asked for Halloween party ticket. Said I didn’t have one, she got upset, and sold it to me anyways. Woohoo!

  8. They had the bands last night. I went to the Emporium around 4:30PM and displayed my event band and purchased one. They had plenty coming out of the back from what I observed. I surmise they have a set stock for each night of the event.

  9. Do you think they will be releasing the limited edition Christmas bands this year like they did last year? We are concerned about not having them available when we go December 3. If I buy an unused one of the limited edition 5000 from last year, do you think it will still have the effects like when I scan the band, will there be the same “merry” type message as last year?

  10. I love the band this year–great color combo with the orange and purple and having “Magic Kingdom” on it. I can see why there is so much excitement. Looking forward to getting one later this week. Love your site!

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