Disney officially announces “millennial” pink MagicBands coming Jan. 8th

Today, Ericka Jervis, Project Manager of MagicBands, announced on the Disney Parks Blog that the new solid-color “millennial” pink MagicBands I mentioned earlier will be coming with a release date of January 8th, 2018. In the post she also wrote briefly about the Seven Dwarfs brown MagicBand, but reading the article I am unsure at this time if a full solid-color brown will be released. She also gives us a hint that more new colors will be coming in 2018. Maybe we’ll finally get a solid color white and/or teal band?

This was Ericka’s first post on the Disney Parks Blogs, and it’s excited to see the MagicBand team finally having representation on the blog. Hopefully this is the first of many announcements from her and the team. Here’s a first good look at the pink band:

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    • I’m sure they will, however, with them being so new Disney is only going to sell them for the time being. Why give them away when people will buy them because they are the new cool color.

  1. A friend of mine who is making the trip with me in May was all excited about the Millennial pink band until she heard there would be an *additional charge* for them. After that, she lost interest. I’m not sure there are that many who will be willing to pay for what is, actually, a plain MagicBand just like the ones we get for free – no special designs or anything.

    • A lot of people do pay for the new colors, which is why they release them for sale first before giving them away for free. I’m not sure if the millennial pink will ever be given away.

  2. I’ve been searching all morning (01/08/18) for this magic band on the Disney Parks App band and cannot find it. Is it not available online yet?

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