New light pink solid color millennial MagicBands due out in a few weeks

A new solid colored MagicBand, dubbed the light “millennial pink” color according to Instragram account doubletakedisney, will be out in a “few weeks”. Somehow the women who own this account got an early preview of the bands and posted a few pictures of them online. I’m assuming that this new solid color will be $12.99 like other solid bands, but it could end up being a limited color at a higher price point. We’ll just have to wait and see. Either way, this is a surprise leak and probably intentional of Disney to drum up interest in the female demographic on Instagram.

I’ve reached out to the ladies to ask for more information and I hope to hear back soon. As I get more details I’ll post them here.

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    • Hi Ann,

      This color will not able available anytime soon for AP or resort guests. I have also heard this color might only ever be available for purchase.

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