Another Epcot 35th Limited Edition MagicBand featuring Figment is out

Another Epcot 35th anniversary MagicBand is now available in Epcot and soon to be online. This is the third 35th MagicBand for the anniversary produced. The new white band is Limited Edition 5000 and features Figment on it. It’s $32.99 and the barcode SKU is 400020621283. Here are some pictures:



Here is the special effect that the band makes:

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  1. Anyone know if Shop Parks App will fulfill this. My Dec 21st order was cancelled by Shop Parks without explanation after a follow up by me 15 days after the order. All 35th Epcot have had Shop Parks release issues getting worse each time.

    • Robert,

      If your order was canceled they will not fulfill it. I know quite a few people this happened too. Some orders went through and others didn’t. I know they are still for sale in Epcot at the Camara Store by the front entrance. If they are not out front ask because they have more in the back. Not sure about Mouse Gears. As far as coming back on the app, it’s anyones guess at this point. For whatever reason Epcot has been plagued with 35th Anniversary magicband release issues.

  2. Ugh this makes me so mad! Still available in park ?!! I assumed it was sold out since it disappeared from the shop parks ap. I had the first two so bought this one from eBay for a 30% markup.

  3. Managed to get this band Dec 2018. I was so happy but the readers weren’t reacting correctly at Epcot! They would make the whooshing sound effect but that would be it, and cast members had to pull me aside reveal times to make sure I had the correct fast passes. It worked like a normal magic band at the other parks.

    Any one else experience this with this band (or other limited bands?)

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