Disney Board of Directors gifted with a special Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge MagicBand

The Disney Board of Directors have been gifted with a special MagicBand again in 2019 (they also were given a Pandora band in 2017, and a Mickey one in 2015). This year it’s a special boxed Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge MagicBand to commemorate the opening of the land in Disneyland and Walt Disney World. The box has the person’s name on it and has no specific edition number, although I’m sure there are less than 50 of these in existence, possibly even much lower than that. This MagicBand is not for sale to the general public.

This MagicBand is not available from Disney, but you can buy it from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings (if any are available).

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    • The Pandora Band was essentially the same one made for sale, minus the personalization. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case with this one as well.

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