At long last, a first look at the elusive Purple MagicBand

Finally after months of speculation, an official solid purple MagicBand has appeared into public view. I was lucky enough to obtain this test MagicBand from a trusted source, and it may be an indication that a purple MagicBand may finally be sold at retail very soon. I have been hearing from multiple Cast Members that purple is the most requested and desired color that is missing from the current lot that is of sale. I also have a prototype Teal band as well that I got a few months back that you can see by clicking here.

So here are the details: The purple color really pops on this MagicBand. I was afraid that maybe it would be too much on the blue side, but seeing the color in person really impresses me… it’s vibrantly purple. An interesting aspect of this band is that the surrounding strap is actually black, not dark gray, which is the first time I’ve ever seen solid black used on a MagicBand that was printed or in graphic form. This is also fantastic because the black is a great contrast color and helps the base color pop even more. I hope they use black on straps for all base colored MagicBands in the future.


Another interesting aspect of this purple MagicBand is that the back has all of the details filled out. This isn’t a prototype MagicBand, but more of a test version, as the FCC ID number and even the MagicBand ID is there. But the MagicBand ID number is blacked out with a pen, and the number is actually a test ID used in development and can’t actually be linked to a live account. I know someone else who also has a purple MagicBand, and his is identical even down to the MagicBand ID, which would be impossible if this were a real retail band.

Don’t worry though, this does give me hope! If the purple MagicBand is this far along in development, I have a feeling that a retail release to the public isn’t that far off. Of course I’ll post as soon as I know any more details about when a purple MagicBand will appear for sale.


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  1. I love purple. I hope I can change my magic band to purple. I have until Sep 27 to change my band. We are going on Oct 28.

  2. Is this band better in person? I’m excited, but the purple looks off? Screen resolution, perhaps. Any comparison to say a blue band, or something? Just to see how it does against other bands. A purple band would hopefully mean a better Haunted Mansion version!!

  3. I’m a huge MagicBand collector and love the color purple!! Can’t wait to add it to my growing collection when it’s released! I really like how the did black along the sides as well!! Hopefully it will catch on to the other bands!!

    • The color could bleed in water, fade in the sun, cause issues with chlorine, cause skin irritation, etc. There are all kinds of issues that they need to test with plastic dyes.

      • It’s not the first time anyone’s made purple or black plastic…! (The chemical engineer in me doesn’t buy that reasoning…)

        • Maybe they have issues with mass producing the color? Or getting the right consistency? Maybe the dye is too expensive to be cost efficient? Or who knows? There must be a reason, otherwise it’d be out for sale by now.

  4. Just a speculation, but did y’all forget about Inside Out?
    A bunch of individually colored characters all of which have a Magicband color except one. 😉
    (Well, I actually did not see it yet, but that is what it looked like in the trailer.)
    Also, these characters are being released in the Disney Infinity realm, so maybe I am less off target with this wild guess than I thought.?
    Later. V.H.

  5. Any word on the availability of this yet? I have until Sept 15th to change my color…and I’m SO hoping they become available!

  6. Purple is my son’s favorite color and I was so hoping these would come out before we had to finalize our magic band order. We’re going for his 4th Birthday and I would have loved to get him a band in his favorite color.

      • I have until 11/4/15 to select my MagicBand colors. I’ve been holding out for the purple one. Do you think there’s a chance that it will be released between now and then? Or should I just proceed with ordering from what’s currently available?

        • Tough call. My advice would be to wait until 11/4 just in case. I don’t have details to give you just yet though, so no promises that purple will be available by then, but wait just to be safe.

          • Any news yet? I have until 11/2. My three year old has firmly told me that pink is NOT purple, I’m hoping to not have to get too crafty and paint the pink band purple!

    • I have no idea to both of these questions. I haven’t heard when or even if the solid purple will ever be available. So far you can only get it with graphics on it.

  7. Any word? I’m leaving in January 2017 and I have to pick my magic band colors by 12/16/2016. So I’m hoping you have heard something for 2016 maybe…

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