A preview of the 2016 themed MagicBand?

The new 2016 Disney Parks logo has appeared in Walt Disney World on a 16 month calendar, and it could be a hint of what the look and feel of a new 2016 Limited Release MagicBand could be. Currently a 2015 graphic MagicBand that is Limited Release is available in the parks, but as the new year approaches these will surely be removed from shelves and potentially be changed out for new ones.

Here is the 2016 logo. Could a new MagicBand with the same look be out this winter?


Here is what the 2015 logo and MagicBand looks like:

27948 DSC00731


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    • If they make them again this year, they will be out just a few days before January 1. And yes, I expect unsold 2015 versions to be in the outlet store of there are any left.

    • I haven’t heard that before, but it’s a great idea that I hope they do! They do (or did) make a MagicSlider for DVC members, just like AP holders get.

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