Finding Nemo MagicBand is now available at the Magic Kingdom

As predicted just a few days ago, the new Finding Nemo Open Edition MagicBand is not available in the Magic Kingdom. Cost is $19.95 and this band is not limited or special in any way other than it being a new graphic MagicBand. The bands depict Nemo, Dory, and Squirt. Eventually these will be released in other places throughout Walt Disney World.

Thanks to Twitter user @Schmoofy for the tip and picture.

IMG_1729 IMG_1728

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  1. Son of a gun. That is my luck.
    They were totally NOT there yesterday.
    (Or if they where, they where not on the shelf yet….and none of the associates volunteered the info. Having said that the cast members I got seemed clueless since they had to look for the wall of magicbands, like I did, in their own store.)

    Going to Epcot tomorrow (did not go today). Do you know where it might be at Epcot? Or at any out-of-park locations?

    I will check the gift area near Talk with Crush for obvious reasons.

    Any other NEW bands I should ask about while there (Jack Skellington, etc??) since tomorrow is our last day.
    Thanks, V.H.

  2. To Ethan: Have fun at D23!
    (You know what I am asking already.)

    To June: Thank you for the info.
    I unfortunately can not get to MGM due to timing issues w/ the conference that I “really ;)” came here for. However, I will still post if I find it (or other) new bands at Epcot (or Downtown Disney if I can get there).

    Thanks again, V.H.

  3. Ok. “Gears” and the “Camera store” at Epcot both had the Nemo band.

    Downtown Disney did not yet.

    Only 1 out of 3 different sales people took care not to crunch up the packages, and she literally had her boss snatch it out of her hand while trying to ring it up (dropping the percentage to 25%).

    He immediately folded the card stock 90 degrees, so I said forget it and informed him of the error in his ways…about the band and the impression he gives by rudely taking over for his newbie cast member…As nicely as I could of course.

    Anyway, that is all and I hope it helps.

    Keep on them about giving Magicband collecting respect because they sure don’t act like that currently.

    Thanks for letting me soapbox (again),

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