Zootopia MagicBand available now in Shop Disney Parks app; Disney World debut is March 11th

The new Zootopia Limited Release MagicBand is now available via the Shop Disney Parks mobile app! It’s being released a week early compared to the theme parks, when it’s said to be launching on March 11th. You can download the Shop Disney Parks mobile app here for iPhone/iPad and here for Android.

The Big Hero 6 Limited Release band back in 2014 sold out quickly, so make sure you get this new band while the movie is still hot in theaters. It won’t be around forever. Retail cost is $27.99.


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  1. i will be going to the park march 11th!! with it being offered on the app what are the odds of me getting one? in the park the day its released i mean?

  2. So my Zootopia band is still a R1G1, BUT more interesting is the new bubble (clear view) portion with its odd shape.
    I think it is to stabilize the bands while hanging on the shelves so they don’t lean side to side like they use to be able to do.

  3. This morning at MouseGears, just after they opened, they only had 3 out. I bought one, and the girl and her mother behind me bought the last two. If you want this band and see it better grab it when you can. I was surprised they went so quickly.

    • That’s great that you got them just in time. I was there yesterday and didn’t see any. I’m with you on how quickly they went 🙁

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