Updated information on the new MagicBand 2, including release date details

I had an opportunely to chat briefly with the MagicBand 2 team today and they provided with me with great tidbits of information about this new style of band. So here is a quick breakdown:

  • The puck inside the band is actually called an Icon officially by Disney.
  • The release date for within the Walt Disney World parks is in the next few weeks. Very soon. Steven Miller from the Disney Parks Blog will be posting an article about it when they are ready to announce it.
  • MagicBand 2 bands will be sent to Annual Passholders starting in December for new AP’s and renewals.
  • MagicBand 2 bands will be sent to resort guests sometime after the new year.
  • Bands sent to guests will have their names printed on the Icon.
  • All bands will be sold with an Icon installed in them. You will not be able to buy empty straps. This defeats the idea that Disney was looking for a cheaper option, or that Disney was trying to lighten server loads.
  • Disney will continue to make Limited Edition bands and they will continue making special effects at touch points.
  • Disney will update the On Demand band system to work with this new MagicBand 2 style eventually.
  • The purpose of MagicBand 2 was to allow more accessorizing. Think keychains, necklaces, purse attachments, wheelchair attachments, etc.
  • Accessories will include a screwdriver for guests to remove theΒ Icon and use it in their new accessory.
  • Initially, retail pricing will remain the same as it currently is.
  • From my personal use today, I found the Icon very difficult to remove and reinstall back into a band. You need a tiny screwdriver and the fit is extremely tight. Popping these things in and out isn’t something you’ll be doing daily.
  • The band feels the same when wearing it. It’s just as comfortable as the new thinner style. The Mickey head area is bigger, but it’s really not that bad at all. Guests will get used to it quickly.
  • Old MagicBands (the original design) will continue to work just fine. You should not consider them obsolete.

As I get more details, I’ll continue to post them on the website.



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  1. Seems silly that they don’t plan on selling just the band…if I already have an Icon why would I need another one unless I opt for a different Icon color?

    Still extremely excited for this though! Keychain options would be great to have instead of the band, the thinner one is comfortable but during the summer months I find them to be a little blah.

    • I agree! This makes no sense if they aren’t selling the bands separately. I thought the whole point was to not have to send new magic bands every time someone went on vacation. Maybe they will eventually sell just the bands? I hope so!

  2. What if I’m going at the beginning of January? I’m staying at Art of Animation and have another couple of weeks to personalize my bands online. Will we be getting the old or new bands?

  3. Will old band designs still be available to purchase on their app? Also, will the design stations be switched over to this type of band but continue to offer the same designs? Just wondering because there are still some princess bands I want to purchase (particularly on on the app and two at the design station). I would prefer to buy them in the old style before they go away just in case.

    • The old bands will eventually go away. The On Demand stations will be upgraded to work with the new MagicBand 2. I am not sure which graphics options they will be offering.

  4. I’m interested to see if these will be used for the Kids Clubs at Aulani and the cruise line because of childrens’ generally small wrists. Any info on that?

    • Good question! No info on that, but we should find out within the 2017 year. I’m assuming eventually everything will be switch out once stock is depleted (a lot of people take the Cruise and Aulani bands home).

  5. Kinda bummed about the idea we can’t buy empty straps. If they were going for accessories why exclude this? how many people can be excited for key chains…or necklaces.

    Imagine. Buying LE empty straps with a download for your “icon” to have that special sound at FP.

    • Customer confusion would be the biggest reason. People would buy a strap thinking it was a MagicBand, not realizing they’d need an icon as well. I’m sure Disney looked into this and decided against it for some reason.

    • No, it will be sent to passholders after they renew their pass. They can select a band on the My Disney Experience website for free. The MagicBand 2 will be sent starting in December.

      • We’re current APs but never customized our bands. I went on today to customize and see if they would be MB2 but the icons are still the old ones (either less color options) is this because they will actually be sending MB2s or it will be the old model in less color options? I didn’t not submit our customizations yet because I’m hoping to get the new ones. Thanks!

    • I have no idea. All I know is that December will be when they will appear. That could be Dec 1st or Dec 31st. I’ll post on the site as soon as they are available.

  6. Super excited! I’m going down in May so hopefully it will be out in time for guests. I’m thinking of just doing the keychain and clipping to lanyards and belt loops especially for my 5 year old daughter. Hate to wear the old in the hot months but kinda disappointed I spent time and money personalizing the old ones for them to go away but such is life

  7. I have to have my Disney band order in by the 30th of Dec. Vacation on the 30th of Jan. I am so hoping to try out the new bands. Our family happened to be selected for the original magic bands when they came out. We were so excited!! Hoping for the new ones this time too!!!

  8. The article mentions they will be sent to annual passholders starting in December… do you know exactly when? We just renewed our annual passes, and have the option to order our magic bands… Not sure if I should wait, or order now?


  9. We just bought our annual pass Dec 2 and ordered our bands right off the bat.. will we get the old or new? If I had known new was coming out I would have waited.. πŸ™

      • OK thank you… I asked at the parks last night and they think it will be the old ones too. . πŸ™ There new ones will be $12.99? Is that what I seen somewhere? Also any word on how much the key chain Minny mouse will cost?

        Sorry for all the questions… But with all my internet research I have been doing.. you seem to have the most information. πŸ™‚

  10. Honestly my biggest concern when I first saw the design was “what if the Icon part falls out and gets lost??” But it looks like that is thankfully nigh-impossible! Thank you for this insight!

      • We have renewed our APs. Received our bands for our first stay (first of 4) and they are the old ones. The second stay ones have been shipped. Assuming they’re the old as well. We have to make our next resort stay choices by today and it’s still showing old ones.

          • I am going through the My Disney Experience website. I guess I worded that incorrectly. We are changing resorts 4 times while there. I am going to My Disney Experience, clicking on Magic Bands and Cards, then clicking on Customize now, it is still coming up as the old ones. Am I doing this correctly Ethan? Thanks.

  11. Yes, that is there. It is actually on twice. I did customize those and now they both say “Ready to ship at your request”. I never ordered them this way before, we just went down the list (on the same page) and went resort to resort and picked colors. This seems to work and I never really knew what the last one or two were because they didn’t have a date or the resort where we were staying. I’m still not sure what the difference is. These are also still showing the old bands.

  12. Hi,
    As of 1/4/17, the website to customize the bands still shows the old bands. Does this mean that one would receive the old bands?

    • The website has not yet been updated. If you order AP bands, you are guaranteed to get MagicBand 2’s regardless of what the website shows. If you ordering bands for a vacation stay, you may or may not get them at this time.

  13. We are going to WDW mid February and staying at a Disney resort … (Not AP holders) my bands say preparing to ship…. Will we get the new ones?

  14. When will the plain colored ones be available to buy through Disney Store online? We aren’t staying at a resort, and I’d like to get the new bands (I have the older ones, we can use, but want to update). Right now only special edition ones are on their website.

  15. This is an excellent forum. Thank you for the info. We are going in May and I assume the new ones will be sent by then. We’re hoping to be able to buy the special ones from inside the park when we get there? I am assuming they will have them available then. I was hoping you might know the answer to this question. Does the quick service dining plan role over to the next day if you don’t use something the previous day and did they stop the deserts with this plan?

  16. We booked a vacation in March 2017, and our magic bands haven’t shipped yet. While online it showed us that we were picking colors and customizing the original magic bands. Do you know if they will send us the color we requested just in the new style?

  17. Taking a trip in late October and staying off site, so was looking to purchase Magicbands off of Disney Store.com and they still have original ones to purchase. So I am reading that those will still work with ALL the same functionality at the parks as the new Magicband 2? I like the design and choice of designs of the old ones. Just don’t want to purchase those if they aren’t going to work in the park like the new Magicband 2. Please let me know ASAP! Thanks so much!

  18. Hey! I’m going in a few weeks and my magic band has shipped! Woo! Do we know if they’re sending the Magic Band 2 yet or not? I want to buy a decal but don’t know which style to go with! Thanks!

  19. Would you know the width of the new band? I’m trying to order vinyl initials for our trip, but I’m not sure what size to get them in. Any help is appreciated!

  20. Hi I’m coming for the D1 varsity cheerleading summit. Which Disney bands will we get? I’m trying to buy decals for them. Thanks

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