Here’s a video of the special effects for the Destination D: Amazing Adventures MagicBand

I am not sure yet at which touch points this will work in Walt Disney World. This video was taken at the touch point set up at the Destination D event for guests to try their MagicBand gift with. Special thank to Attractions Magazine for the video.

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  1. We bought to LE magic bands (45th and Halloween)and used them at the parks for 4 days. I never once saw mine light up anything but green anywhere. Is there a trick to these?

    • It depends on when and where you use the bands. Both of those bands only make special effects at the Magic Kingdom. I have heard that people aren’t seeing them right now for the 45th band.

  2. I asked the magicband folks here and they said this one has sounds/lights in animal kingdom entrance and fp touch points! Only animal kingdom which makes sense given the design.

  3. Ethan, I see that you’ve heard others are having trouble with the original 45th anniversary Magic Kingdom band’s special effects. As of this week, mine still doesn’t work at MK. Would you consider these bands defective or is it something on Disney’s end?

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