Two new Star Wars: The Force Awakens MagicBands released

Disney today has released two new Open Edition MagicBands for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. These two bands show BB-8 on an orange band and a Stormtrooper on a blue band. Neither of these band designs are available in the MagicBand On Demand station in Hollywood Studios currently as far as I know, so they are unique options that are on the shelves only. Price is $19.95 each and neither makes special lights/sounds at touch points.

Special thanks to reader Matthew for the info and pictures!

image1 2 image2 2

image1 image2

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  1. My favorite magic bands so far. I wonder if and how we would ever figure out which band of all open editions released is the most popular or best seller? I’ll be at WDW from Dec 25th to Dec 29th., hoping to snag one of these.

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