Incredibles 2 Limited Edition 4000 MagicBand released early

A new Pixar Incredibles 2 Limited Edition 4000 MagicBand has been released a bit early in a location within Walt Disney World. A case of them were sold at Art of Animation resort, but it’s since been pulled from the shelves. The band is $32.99 and the barcode SKU is 400020778000. This band will make special effects at entry touch points. Here are some pictures:

From MagicBand Effects Facebook group:


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  1. I was there last week and I regret that I didn’t buy one. I stayed at the Art of Animation Resort and they were on the shelves behind the registers on Saturday, June 2nd. The one I looked at was a Mr. Incredible limited edition of 2000. I’d love to purchase one especially after reading all about these limited edition bands you have. I’ll be cheking back on updates as I’d like to know how I can purchase one.

    • I should mention that the color of this magic band was black and not the red Mr. Incredible Dad magic band that’s currently available for sale.

  2. I have one but I haven’t seen any special effects at magic kingdom. Anyone know where the special effects work?

  3. I bought one of the limited edition Incredibles 2 Magic Bands in the Magic Kingdom store off Main Street.

    The special entry effects were totally worth the cost!

    Jak Jak is King!

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