Surprise release: Red Limited Edition 5000 Epcot 35th MagicBand

Today there was a surprise release at Epcot in Walt Disney World for Epcot’s 35th anniversary celebrations. Along with the orange Epcot 35th band we already knew about, they released a red Limited Edition 5000 band. It’s available in Mouse Gears starting today. The price is $32.99 and the barcode SKU is 400020569394.

This band is one of the first in quite a while to have printing all of the way down the gray strap. It’s actually the first MagicBand 2 to have this.

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  1. Cast members said they have sold out of what they have for both LE magicbands today. Hopefully they get more later in the week.

    • Last years magic kingdom band did not come out online until the 6th my guess is that they are probably not sold out as i dont see disney selling 8,500 magic bands in one day, so im hoping that these are still available and will be online soon.

  2. I was at mouse gear and made my purchase at 11:03am…. They had at this time only red left at the register I was waiting in line for…. a super nice cashier went and got me an orange from another register but as I walked away that register sold it too! These went FAST!!

  3. Is it really possible that they sold through 5,000 of these yesterday at MouseGear alone by noon? Apparently that was the only store selling them, and there was no trace of them by the time I got there. Maybe they’re rolling out a thousand or so a day for the week?

  4. This red Figment one is actually available on the shopping app right now. (not just showing up , but “in park purchase only”, it’s available to actually add to your bag and buy it)

    Hope this helps anyone who may be looking to get one.

  5. I just bought one of both the Red and the Orange at the Camera Center by Spaceship Earth about 10 minutes ago. There were about four or five of each behind the counter.

  6. I just wanted to post for anyone wondering, both 35th Anniversary Epcot bands are still available at Mouse Gear as of two days ago when I picked mine up on the 21st. Looking at their stacks, they appeared to have less of the Figment ones, but out on display were dozens of each. So, if you still want one, head to Mouse Gear and if you are a pass holder, ensure you get your 20% off!

  7. This MagicBand includes a misprint. Upon close inspection both locations where the logo for The Living Seas pavilion are printed have the logo upside down. The box correctly displays the logos proper orientation.

    • Epcot 35th Anniversary Banda in red are currently available as of today at Mouse Gears in Epcot and the Emporium on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

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