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Creator of MagicBand Collectors (which is owned by EA Partners, LLC), it is my goal to catalog and archive the entire history of the Disney MagicBand. I don't work for Disney nor am I associated with them in any way, besides being a mega-fan and living 5 minutes from Walt Disney World. You can contact me at eapartnersllc@icloud.com.


  1. Ok hi. I’m in Disney world right now. I’m at the Polynesian Village resort. I have one question where do they sell this what store because I need this for nostalgia. Please help me I need this LOL!

        • I don’t know, my friend managed to get me one from mouse gear, but it was odd, they announced it was sold out, then suddenly restocked it…

          Might have some stock reserved to release per day after the event. But I wouldn’t hang around….

          • @Simon
            Your friend likely lucked out like we did…. We also heard (while waiting in line) that the Orange ones SOLD OUT… but when we got to the register we happen to know our cashier …. she said hang on and walked to another register to get us some Orange ones… Apparently when people were spreading the ‘news’ that Orange was sold out it was due to the fact that it was SOLD out at THAT register. So I guess it was sort of luck of the draw as to which line you were in, as to how fast they “Sold Out”.

  2. Has it been verified that the orange band is sold out? Does anyone know… I am planning on going Saturday. 🙂

    Thank you!!

  3. Do the effects only work at Epcot? My parents surprised me with a red band this morning after we spent the day at Epcot yesterday. We’re at Hollywood Studios today and it does normal sounds and lights.

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