Star Wars 40th Anniversary Limited Release band debuts at Galactic Nights event

On Friday, April 14th, 2017, Disney held it’s first (of potentially many) new Star Wars: Galactic Nights event. As was advertised, special merchandise was unveiled to commemorate, and included in that was a new Limited Release MagicBand for $27.99. The band has graphics to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars franchise, and even more excitingly comes on an all new base band color of black, which has never been seen before. Although this band isn’t a Limited Edition in a special box, and most likely won’t make special lights and sounds at touch points, it’s still likely to be extremely limited and may have even sold out at the event.

As you may recall, some of the Limited Edition Dooney & Bourke MagicBands from last year were on a white base color, but that a white solid band color was never released otherwise. Now we have a special MagicBand on a black base color. Will white and black eventually come out as a solid color? Or will they always be reserved for special events and releases? Time will tell I guess.

The barcode SKU of this item is 400020187659.



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  1. Do boxed bands usually mean they will have sounds and lights? Not gonna lie, if it played a star wars tune, I might fall in love.

  2. Will they sell the magic bands in the Disney Store, Disney Store online, or Star Wars Galactic Outpost. What are my best chance in getting the magic band??

  3. If you want a black MB, the new open edition Grumpy uses the black one instead of the Gray it used to be in the previous generation.

  4. I actually was able to order one on the Parks app even though it’s listed as in store only. Time will tell if they’ll allow the order to go through or not.

  5. Do you know if these could still be purchased? My husband and friend are huge fans and we are travelling in November. We love to get these now.


  6. Disney Park app now says “in store only” meaning only available in parks. Might try and run over in the morning and see if they have any. Not sure how I kissed that this band was released. I just have been busy at work and not paying attention.

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