Marie Open Edition MagicBand now for sale on a white base color

A new white Open Edition MagicBand featuring Marie from Aristocats is now out for sale! This is the first white base color band for MagicBand 2, and a black just appeared yesterday at the Star Wars Galactic Nights event. The only other white base color bands were the MagicBand 1 Dooney & Bourne Limited Editions. The graphic on this band is the same as it was for the original MagicBand 1, but that was on a pink band.

You can find this band at the Disney owned stores inside of the Hilton on Hotel Plaza Blvd near Disney Springs or at DisneyQuest currently. The cost is $22.99 and the barcode SKU on this is 400020167101.

So this begs the question… are any other new colors coming soon? And will they ever have solid white and black? I hope so!


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  1. I have seen recently that open edition magic bands are using a White one and a black one so we might see these come out for plain colors soon, I hope!

    • Ethan, feel free to delete my reply above as I just noticed you posted that above as well. If anyone wants a black one for now, they can get the Open Edition Grumpy.

  2. I’m desperately trying to get my paws on one of these, if someone has one in their collection that is in good condition and willing to part with it, please let me know.

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