Special MagicBand given to 2018 EarMarked conference attendees

A special MagicBand has been given out to 2018 Disney EarMarked Program Owners’ Summit conference attendees. There was previously a special band for the conference way back in 2014, and you can see it and read all about what the Disney conference is here. This is the first time there has been a MagicBand 2 for EarMarked. Because this is a promotional band, it won’t be sold in stores and most likely won’t make any special effects at touch points.

This MagicBand is not available directly from Disney unless you got it from this specific event, but you can buy it from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings.


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  1. I was an attendee of this summit and I know first hand that It does make special effects! At both pandora rides it made crazy noises. At mine train it made a noise as well.

  2. I also attended and have this band, I will sell you my firstborn before I sell this! Any bids on my daughter 🙂

    • Gordon – Have you linked this band? If you go to My Disney Experience on a desktop computer, do you see an image of the band in your account? I’m trying to find something out. Send me an e-mail at ethanwa@me.com if you can help me out. Thanks!

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