EarMarked Conference 10th Anniversary

Disney Authorized Vacation Planners who were invited to the 2014 EarMarked Conference received a custom 10-year EarMarked anniversary MagicBand. The band does not say “Limited Edition” or “Limited Release” on it, but some do have attendees names printed on the inside of the band. The band also does not make any special lights/sounds at FP+ touchpoints.

Here’s some background on how people were invited to this conference: Owning a travel agency and becoming a Disney Authorized Vacation Planner is difficult. But once you’ve earned that honor, you will be “EarMarked” as they call it. And if you’re fortunate enough to be EarMarked AND be one of Disney’s top 500 travel agents, you’ll get invited to the EarMarked Conference. At this conference Disney gives the lowdown on all of the newest marketing techniques, specials to come, and new offers they have in the future. It’s a 3-day conference with sessions and lots of fun and VIP treatment.



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