Special MagicBand coming for Disney’s College Program Alumni 2016 Homecoming

Many college youth end up paying for college and getting some great real-world experience as Cast Member’s via the Disney College Program. In fact, many Cast Members you see on a daily basis at Disney parks throughout the world are in the program. If you’ve completed and graduated from the program, you are part of the Alumni, and in January 2016 they are doing a special homecoming event.

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Attendees will have the option to purchase a brand new College Program Alumni MagicBand. Invite e-mails were sent out, and here’s a part of what the e-mail said:

Exclusive #CPAlumni Homecoming Weekend merchandise including a customized Disney Alumni Association MagicBand!

Registration for the event is $200, and again, you need to be registered College Program Alumni to go. I am hearing that the band is free with registration, it’s personalized with a name on the back, and is Limited Edition. This means it may come in a special box and may even make lights/sounds at FP+ touch points. I’ll know more info in January.

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  1. According to the registration, the special limited edition magic band is customized and complimentary with registration. It also says limited edition.

  2. I hate to break it to you, but only Alumni of the Disney College Program can get the Magic Band. Hence it being an EXCLUSIVE.

    Have a magical day!

  3. They are only to those attending with a registration fee, there will not be a way to order extras. That is evident when it says 2000le which is also max the number if attendants.
    It is the 35th anniversary of the college program as well so it will probably be an anniversay sort of band.
    I’m sure we’ll be able to check and see if it does anything special when we’re there that weekend as well as take plenty of photos and videos if special things do end up occuring.

    • Also, they will be given out as you pick up your registration packet at your selected time for check in along with other “swag bag” items. (This year’s was a string back pack, a shirt, and i think a bottle I don’t quite recall)
      There will be other things available for purchase, including a limit of 2 per person le pin for the event (as denoted in one of the emails in the section about merch) but they haven’t released other lists or details to us.

  4. This is an DCP Alum event and DCP outsiders who aren’t involved with this will not get in nor will they be able to go to the location. So please stop asking about the event and where to get the magic bands that us as cast members in the DCP and alum have worked so hard to earn.
    Thank you
    And have a Magical day

    • I understand your frustration, but this is a news site about MagicBands. You’re right, normal guests will not be able to obtain a band nor will they be able to attend. But I have many Cast Members who read this blog daily who appreciate the info as well, and some CP Alumni who had no idea about the event until I posted, and now they want to go. I’m not trying to take anything away from CM’s, I am just trying to inform people of the latest MagicBand news and information, no matter if they work for Disney or not. Thanks for understanding.

      • Cp alums that want to go have to be registered with the association to even attempt to register for this event. Registration opened yesterday and I’m sure is full or very close to capacity already. Last years event filled within 10 minutes of opening. Being accepted into the association isn’t always even a quick thing to do. There’s always next year for those who “had no idea of this until you mentioned it.”

        • Thanks for the info. I have a CM friend who is a big MagicBand collector and he wasn’t registered for the Alumni, so unfortunately he may miss out!

  5. Hi,
    I just got accepted for the spring DCP. I was wondering if anyone might know if the upcoming cast members will be given a magic band?

    • The answer would be most likely no. Cast who were currently cast when the magic bands were first released to allow main gates on them could get a free band, but after that period ended there haven’t been anymore free bands for cast. And those bands were just normal bands like you’d order from a resort stay

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