Rumors: More Open Edition MagicBands on the way, including Jiminy Cricket?

I’ve gotten some tips from a few people that more Open Edition MagicBands are on the way. Open Edition bands, which cost $22.99 at retail, are basic graphic bands that don’t make any special lights/sounds at entry and FastPass+ points. They are generally not rare and are usually available for an extended period of time.

I was told from one source specifically that Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio may end up being a character used for a MagicBand. Without any other confirmation all I can say is that this is a rumor, and that I do not know of a release date or what the band will look like. Here’s what we might expect to see as a graphic on a band featuring him:


As I find out more information, I’ll be sure to post about it here!

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  1. It’s going to be an interesting year. I’m looking forward to what designs and characters are choosing this year.

    After the Easter LE band I thought for sure we would get a St. Patrick’s Day LE band…maybe next year

    • Yeah I was wondering about St. Patrick’s Day. Could also see Mother’s Day and Father’s Day too? I’m also hoping for more On Demand designs and stations in Epcot and Animal Kingdom.

      • You might be correct.

        I checked out the MagicBand stations while I was there last weekend. They have good options. I didn’t expect to see some old designs like Jack Skellington from this past Halloween.

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