Purple Open Edition Princess Tiana MagicBand appears at Walt Disney World

A purple Open Edition MagicBand for $19.95 has appeared in Walt Disney World featuring Princess Tiana from the movie The Princess and the Frog. Although Princess Tiana is currently available in the MagicBand On Demand system at the Magic Kingdom, this pre-packaged Open Edition features graphics not just on both sides of the band, but also at the top near the Mickey head touch point. If you take a closer look at the pictures I’ve grabbed from the Shop Disney Parks mobile app below, you’ll see that you can see those extra printed graphics towards the top:

IMG_0477 IMG_0478

The official Open Edition MagicBand also signifies that purple is the official color for the design on the band, and not green (which is the color I got at the MagicBand On Demand station). I’ve noticed that the backside graphic often is the same lighter color as the band it’s supposed to be printed upon… in this case Tiana’s light purple flowers signify that the color of the MagicBand itself should be solid purple.

Thanks to reader Chris for the tip!

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  1. I like that pattern color observation to hint at the “real” band color, but the problem is I think just about every design looks pretty good on the purple bands. 😉

    To be serious however, if I recall correctly, Jasmine has red ‘flowers’ on her band and the pictures of Jasmine on red are not that pleasing to the eye. Having said that, I just do not find too many good looking red bands, so maybe it is just a bias of mine.

    Now that I know this possible trick I will look to see if this is a pattern I can use, but being that a lot of the ‘flowers’ seem to be a red color (and I apparently don’t like red) I may still try to come up with a wider spread across the band color spectrum personally (now that we have the option). 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving. V.H.

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