Pixar Coco Limited Edition 2000 with all black design band and box released

Today Disney/Pixar released a new Coco movie Limited Edition 2000 MagicBand with all black design band and box. The price is $32.99 and can found throughout Walt Disney World. This band does make special effects and sounds at entry touch points only throughout the resort. The barcode SKU is 400020579423.



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  1. This morning after purchasing the Black Friday special discounted La Nouba tickets at Disney Springs, I went over to Pin Traders to see if they had this band. The cast member I spoke with said they were sold out, that they had had them there for the past two days. I asked to check if there were any on property anywhere. He checked and said none anywhere. Regardless I headed over to the Magic Kingdom. None seen at Emporium, none at Box Office Gifts, but found plenty at the Tommorow Light and Power Co. shop. Beautiful box.
    By the way, while at Disney Springs I did purchase the Disney Springs holiday band. Plenty of them at World of Disney.

    • I really want this one! I’m 3 hours away, but I will be there on Sunday and hoping to pick one up. They didn’t have the on-property locations listed for it in the Shop Disney Parks app until today, and today they are showing it at lots of locations, so hopefully I’ll be able to grab one.

  2. My friend & I have this band and neither one of our bands do anything. We have used them in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Can anyone help? No colors & no sounds??!!?

      • Had the same thing happen with my Very Merry 2017 band. I saw the effect at a FastPass touch point one day, but didn’t see it at any other touch points after that, entrance nor FastPass.

        I read someone’s comment on here that it could be caused if you have 6 or more active MagicBands. I deactivated some I don’t use (down to 4 active) and I’m going to test it out again at Magic Kingdom this Saturday.

        Do you know if the amount of active bands affects the effects not showing up?

        • I have a 47 bands currently all active and 90% of the time they all work perfectly so I don’t think having more than X active at once, is a thing. Its more of a “does this actual ready work correctly/hasn’t been turned off/hasn’t been water damaged” thing from what I’ve noticed. A lot of the time the speakers are damaged or are simply turned off.

          • That’s what I thought, the amount of active bands seemed like very odd reason for an effect not work. Thanks for the info! 🙂

          • Steve and Alex,

            Steve I’m glad to hear you dont have any issues with the amount of bands on your MDE account. However, in many cases the amount of bands can and does have an effect on the bands working properly. We have also heard that Disney is having a system wide issue right now with the touch points. We aren’t sure if they are just turned off or if there is a larger problem but something is definitely going on. My hope is that they are working on updating their system but we’re not sure…

          • I went to the Magic Kingdom Saturday and saw my Very Merry 2017 effect work! It didn’t play at the park entrance touch point, but it did for the Thunder Mountain and Seven Dwarves fastpass touch points. I hope their system does get updated because I love seeing the effects.

    • I have been told it worked for a friend at the entrance to Epcot by France. But that was the only place I’ve personally heard of.

  3. So disappointed! I ordered the coco band for my daughter for her “big Christmas gift” as her ticket for Disney and it was lost in the mail. When I called to have one resent it was completely sold out.

    • This was the same for my son’s Coco band when we visited in January. All week he would anxiously scan his band and nothing happened until the end of our trip when it worked at the main entrance to Epcot. He went back the next day and it worked again!

  4. Just got back from a week-long trip to Disney World with my girlfriend. We brought our Coco bands, excited to try them out, and not once anywhere did they ever made their special sound. 🙁

    I’m assuming this is some sort of glitch? Is there a Magic Bands tech support line to contact and report it to? Pretty lame that our new favorite band isn’t working… :/

  5. Just tried my Coco magic band during my vacation January 12 through January 20 and not one time did it make a special sound affect or have special lights light up when used at park entrances or for fast passes. Very disappointed, I was looking very forward to the special effects. I still love my Coco magic band, it is beautiful. I do wish there were some technical supportive some information available on the matter, kind of a bummer that the extra little magic with the magic bands isn’t currently working. 🙁

  6. I know this is a long shot….Anyone have one if these bands they used and would be willing to sell? This is my daughter’s favorite movie and we are surprising her with her first Disney trip February 2019. I would love to be able to give this to her as we tell her where we are going.

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