New Steamboat Mickey Open Edition MagicBand now out

On Sunday, July 26th 2015 a new Open Edition graphic MagicBand was released in The Dark Room at the Hollywood Studios theme park in Walt Disney World. It’s Mickey from the Steamboat Willie animated short from 1928. Because this is Open Edition, it does not make lights or sounds at FP+ touch points and costs $19.95. When I get this in hand (I’m on vacation right now outside of Florida), I’ll post some higher quality pictures. Thanks to reader Jamie for the tip!

Here’s a picture:


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  1. Funny part is… wife and I were at Storybook Circus on Saturday the 25th, and saw this at the Big Top Souvenirs store. I wonder what store puts out Magicbands first when they debut, then.

  2. At Storybook Circus today (now), and NOT there. (7/30/15). Bummer!
    Headed to The Emporium now.

    Planning for Epcot tomorrow.

    I will update.

    Thanks. V.H.

  3. I was not directly looking for Nemo, but I was scanning all the bands. Unfortunately, I sure did NOT see Nemo! 🙁
    (I would have posted that news somewhere on here for you.)

    However, we ended up saving our Epcot day for tomorrow (8/1/15), so I will check there.
    Any best store to try?
    I will try the one by the “Talk w/ Crush” show for obvious reasons.

    Any other new bands I need to ask the sellers about?

    Tomorrow is our last day at the parks for this trip….then back to eBay prices. ;(
    I’ll keep you updated.


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