Mickey Bar MagicBand given away for Epcot Food & Wine Disney Parks Blog meet-up

A special Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar MagicBand from Disney Parks Blog was given away to guests at the Disney Parks Blog Epcot Food & Wine Festival Meet-up tonight, September 30th, 2015. The Parks Blog held a sweepstakes, and winners of it who got to attend were given this MagicBand, posters, a t-shirt, lots of free Food & Wine Festival food in a private area, and a special viewing area for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth at Epcot as gifts. 250 of these prize packages were given away, which included inviting one guest, so a total of 500 MagicBands given out.

There were hints that a new MagicBand was going to be released at this event, as “Mickey Mouse MagicBands” was listed as one of the prizes under the Official Rules for the sweepstakes. Special thanks to a handful of readers who pointed this out to me last week.

These don’t come with a box, they don’t say Limited Edition or Limited Release, and they will not be making more of these for future giveaways or events.

IMG_0042 IMG_0043

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  1. Where is the picture from?

    It that your wrist?
    I guess not, otherwise you would know if it had a box or not and could read what the back said (L.E., etc)

    Also it looks to be a kid’s size. I assume there is an adult (intact version) too?

    Cool none the less.

    • From what I understand, the only gave them away to people for this event only, and will not be given them away otherwise. Who knows if that is true, but that is what they told the guests today. So 250 guests + a few extras. They did give away the Orange Bird MagicBand on the blog as well, after the Halloween Party… we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  2. Went to the event, it was fantastic, first time going to one of these. there was food there not available anywhere else and only made for this event, as well as food from the different booths in Epcot. The music was great, the DJ kept it going the whole time.
    The swag bag included a Wrist band, only available if you were at the event, Limited edition print, which is cool looking, and a t-shirt, also only available at the event.

    My only down on the entire night was the fact that the T-shirt was only available in 2XL as the biggest size, I wear a 4XL, but I’ll give it to my daughter if nothing else for a night shirt or I can frame it as a keepsake.
    I will be attending as many of these as I can, I had such a good time!!

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