New Limited Edition Easter and Open Edition Stitch bands appear on Shop Disney Parks app

The new Limited Edition 2000 Easter MagicBand I mentioned earlier, as well as a new Open Edition Stitch in Space graphic MagicBand, have both appeared on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app. Both are listed as Sold Out right now, but inventory should come in most likely in the next 24 hours or so in the app. The Easter band should make lights and sounds at entry points, costs $32.99, and has a SKU/barcode of 4000200147881. The Stitch band is a new design and the first Open Edition MagicBand 2 ever sold, is $22.99, and has a SKU/barcode of 400020014764.

The Easter and Stitch band are both available within Walt Disney World right now in multiple different shops. They are also available on

Another interesting thing to note is that a few of the older MagicBand 1 graphic Open Edition bands are starting to be listed as “Sold Out” within the app. I expect some of these to transition to the MagicBand 2 style over the next few months. I know a few that will transition are the Princesses, Tinker Bell, and Minnie bands. Also expect to see a new design in a Tea Cups MagicBand as well shortly.



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  1. They’re also available in the parks right now. They were at Epcot and Magic Kingdom, that I know of for sure. Bought one from Epcot then used it at MK. The touch point operator seemed to get a kick out of the rainbow effect that the touch point does. lol

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