New 2015 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party MagicBand appears in map preview picture

Update at 5:21pm today. Attractions Magazine has posted a larger version of the MagicBand image on the app. The design is exactly what I expected back in early August.


Original story:

A preview picture of the 2015 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party themed MagicBand within the event park map has appeared online. It shows a very tiny preview picture of the new MagicBand making its way to the party this year.

I’m trying to obtain a larger picture for more details, but on first glance it does appear that the band is orange as predicted a few days ago. It says the MagicBand is a “Special Edition MagicBand”, so I’m not 100% positive yet whether the band will be Limited Edition or Limited Release. If history is any indication, it should be a Limited Edition in a special box and should make lights/sounds at FP+ touch points.

Thanks to Kenny the Pirate for the map image.


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  1. Cool. I like it.
    Someone is already pre-selling them on eBay, but at just over $60. including the shipping, it is just too much IMO.
    $35.-40 seems like a more reasonable compromise. (I assume these are going to be right around $30. retail, correct?)
    Thanks, V.H.

    • You gotta consider the price to attend the party, too. I have an annual pass but I don’t see myself purchasing a party ticket just to purchase the band.

      Not too fond of the art on this one (Shame because I loved the 2014 one), but I am interested in the special lights/sound :D. Think i’ll just cross my fingers and hope some are leftover after the festivities.

      • If they make 5000 of them like last year, it will be highly likely they will have some left. I’ll be posting a video of the lights and sounds on the first day of the party (if the band is indeed Limited Edition).

    • $35-$40 will cause the seller to lose money. eBay takes 11% in listing fees and Paypal collects up to 5% in account fees. The seller must then ship the item – and so far, they’ve received nothing for their time or effort in collecting the band & sending it to you. That $60 auction will net the seller a grand total of… $15-17 in profit.

  2. Good point on the ticket price. I did forget that.
    I guess I got used to eBay and Disney outlet store pricing of last year’s version, but other than the Chillin’ Olaf from last year (and of course anything Star Wars) most could had for $40. unlinked for at least a little while on eBay.
    Thanks, V.H.

  3. You also have to remember that last year’s party bands were when you could only buy them if you linked them right then and there. Ever since the link it later option was available limited editions have sold out quick. The two for Star Wars weekends sold out by the second weekend.

      • I hope if your there the day of the party you can buy. I have no interest buying a separate ticket this early on, except for the magic band. I know for last year for the Pins & t-shirts they were checking for wristbands. For the magic band it seemed anyone could purchase at the other end of the store along with all the other bands.

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