Minnie Mouse MagicBand out for sale early

Edit: Minnie bands are now available park-wide, as the release date has come and gone. High quality pictures coming soon!

The Minnie Mouse MagicBand is out for sale early in Walt Disney World (Dec. 12th). You can find it today in Epcot at Mouse Gears. Cost is $20 + tax. Here’s a picture:

image minnie_back

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    • The Dolphin had the Minnie one? Good to know. I also know Pop Century Resort has them as well. They should be pretty much everywhere by tomorrow because they aren’t limited editions in any way.

  1. Just went looking at Mouse Gears, nothing there. Asked the CM working Magicbands. He called someone, who told him it’s not on property, but coming soon.

    • It’s out in many places. The CM is most likely misinformed. Try these locations:

      Magic Kingdom: Big Top Souvenirs, Frontierland Trading Post

      Epcot: Nikon camera center under Spaceship Earth on the right

      Hollywood Studios: The Dark Room, Mickey’s of Hollywood

      Animal Kingdom: Disney Outfitters

      Downtown Disney: Pin Traders

      Ticket & Transportation Center: Mickey’s Gift Station

      Resort hotel gift shops: like Fantasia Gift Shop in Contemporary for example

      There are TONS of places to try. Good luck!

      • Had a different cm lookup it up because I didn’t believe the first one (& I saw it at Big Top). I looked as they looked it up in the product system. The first guy was slightly right. No Disney owned & operated store has them. Only the gift shops of non-disney operated hotels (Bonnet Creek & Downtown Disney) had them, with Hilton Bonnett Creek having them most with 10 (now 9 since I bought one). It showed only 15-20 total in Orlando.
        The only other place that had any was the Magic of Disney store at the airport, that had 1.

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