Minnie Mouse Epcot Flower & Garden Limited Edition MagicBand released today

The Minnie Mouse Limited Edition MagicBand for the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival announced by Disney a while back was finally released today, April 2nd, 2018. You can now find it at multiple places in Epcot and the price is $32.99. The band is limited to 1000. The box smells like flowers and the band should make special effects at touch points. I’m hoping to have a video to show you soon.

For now, here’s some great pictures of the band:



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  1. I checked mousegear today and they didnt seem to have any, do you know any shops that might still have some?

  2. I know the Shop Disney Parks app isn’t the most accurate but the status has changed from out of stock, which I saw last Saturday, to in store purchases only. However, when you select find on map it does not display any stores. Do you think this is just a glitch or is it possible they have stocked more?

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