MagicBands On Demand coming to the Magic Kingdom very soon

Update on Oct. 23, 2015: The Disney Parks Blog post is now back up! Head to Space Mountain today to get your customized MagicBands!


MagicBands On Demand are coming soon to the Magic Kingdom, according to a pulled Disney Parks Blog post accidentally released earlier this morning. I’ve known something like this was coming, but I expected to see it in early 2016 and not so soon. Similar to D-Tech, guests will be able to choose a MagicBand color (including purple!) and design for their MagicBand, and for an extra charge be able to put their name on the backside of the MagicBand. The first On Demand kiosk will appear in the Tomorrowland Power & Light Co. building at the exit of Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, and could be available any day now.

There will be over 40 designs at launch, with some being location-specific. Custom bands with no name will cost $21.95 and bands with customized names on them will cost $29.95. As far as I know you these will not provide any special lights and sounds at FastPass+ touchpoint, but we’ll find out for sure soon.

What is very interesting is the picture Disney Parks Blog posted of some custom MagicBands. As you can see, there is the standard Mickey Mouse Open Edition band on purple, as well as park attraction bands like It’s a Small World, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion. This is very exciting, as there will now be tons of new bands and combinations, but it may also drop the value of some bands for collectors as the market will become flooded with many more options to chose from. But I’m fine with that… the more designs, the better!



Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 11.41.41 AM

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  1. This makes me so happy! We’ll be down there in exactly 100 days – crossing my fingers I can do a cool custom magic band for our trip.

    Husband will be rocking the new Kylo Ren band and seven year old will have a Stormtrooper one, but I’ve yet to find “THE ONE” for me! 🙂

  2. I keep thinking that purple will not be made available along with the other standard colors when order your MB. what do you think? Also, what are the chances of this being open on Sunday? I am heading over there.

    • I have no idea when this is supposed to launch to be honest. My guess would be two weeks or less for sure. I have a feeling they will hold off on a solid purple for quite a while.

  3. Ethan, I worry you won’t be able to collect them all! There is a typo with existing vs. exciting in the post as well.

    Have you had a chance to run any tests to see how well the designs on the bands hold up after repeated use? I wonder since this is an “on demand service” if there will be any degradation in quality.

    I’m sure after analysis on how well this works if they will allow you to choose a sound for an additional fee as well.

      • Sigh. Wishful thinking…and reading rumors doesn’t help! Hopefully this will be up and running by the time we arrive on 11/15. I’m dying for a purple band. I ordered grey and I’ll be going to the craft store tomorrow to pick out decorating supplies.

  4. Boo!
    If they make too many styles, it just is not fun to collect anymore.
    Maybe just the bases (pre-design) is what I will end up focusing on. (Assuming they aren’t just the standard solid colored bands we already have.) The pictures look more elaborate than base bands. Not sure what to do.
    Maybe I can use this as a way to stop collecting these addictive things. 😉
    How are they going to be packaging these?
    Directly on your arm?
    In a unique boxes?
    Will they be link it later, or are we back to ‘linked to the buyer’ since they are the ones who designed it?
    Ugh. V.H.

    • You might just want to stick with Limited Release and Limited Edition bands if you can’t get all of the Open Edition and customized ones. It’s going to be a LOT of money to try and get them all now!

      • We need to think of an official name for collector’s referencing ‘make it yourself’ bands because just saying “customized” could get confusing on eBay later. (Granted pictures could give it away if you manage to get pics of every customizable option at Disney and post them like you have so far.) I just don’t know the scale of it all yet.
        1 band for each ride?
        5 options per ride?
        Multiple ride versions + whatever you happen to draw and bring in that gets scanned in and printed?

        You see where it changes from Disney bands to customer designed bands!
        That is what I need to find out so I can determine my cut.

        Also, no ideas about the packaging or the Link-it later status yet?

        Thanks, VH

  5. I just came and got my band. I picked splash mountain. They are officially calling these bands magicband 1.2. For what was available it was most of the current open edition bands but you could pick the color band you wanted they then had newer options with some mk attractions. I remember small world, splash, space mountain.

    Big note if you get your name the second graphic disappears. For example my splash mountain band had a picture of Brer Rabbit alone on the back. My name replaced him

    • Thank you! That helps give me a better idea of what to expect and a name to call them. 😉

      –> So basically (Please correct me if I misinterpreted what you typed):

      1) we can now get any (or most?) open edition graphic bands on any color band.

      2) there are a few (3?) new 1.2 graphics that seem to go along with popular rides.

      I assume we can also choose a band color for those?

      3) for collectors, getting bands withOUT names will be the way to go so we can retain the second graphic.

      Which strap side loses the graphic: Male peg side or female holes side?

      Thanks again for the update.
      Not as overwhelmed now. 😉


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