Dooney & Bourke MagicBands released; high quality pics and video here!

The Dooney & Bourke MagicBands have been released down in the Co-Op Marketplace at Disney Springs this past weekend. Lines were long, and there were some technical issues getting the bands linked initially, but things have been straightened out and the bands are still available. They are limited to 1500 each and are $48. Below are the special lights that the band makes at entry touch points within Walt Disney World only.

Thanks to reader Jason, here’s a video:

These pictures are out of order:

IMG_8746 IMG_8203 IMG_7972 IMG_7668 IMG_7555 IMG_7136 IMG_6962 IMG_6626 IMG_6252 IMG_6251 IMG_6242 IMG_6241 IMG_6232 IMG_6231 IMG_6222 IMG_6221 IMG_6220 IMG_6219 IMG_6218 IMG_6217 IMG_6216 IMG_6215 IMG_6214 IMG_6213 IMG_6212 IMG_6211 IMG_5474 IMG_5281 IMG_5032 IMG_4963 IMG_4741 IMG_3852 IMG_3840 IMG_3218 IMG_2855 IMG_2676 IMG_2517 IMG_2167 IMG_0486 IMG_0337 IMG_0073 IMG_0038

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  1. We just moved as well, so I totally get it.
    Are you still as close to the parks as before?
    Did Disney just go ahead and give you a place to stay on the property? 😉
    Later and enjoy the new place.

  2. Here is some info while you wait.

    At launch there was a line that stretched around the building. I was around the 20th person in line and at first it seemed like they had plenty of MagicBands. I even asked how many they had and the answer I got was ” Plenty, more then enough for everyone in line to get what they want”. After purchasing my MagicBands I waited for 10 minutes to get them autographed. I then quickly walked over to guest services because I had misplaced my annual pass. After only about 2 minutes at guest services I had a new annual pass card and headed back to the store to have them credit my annual pass discount to the purchase. At that time I noticed that I had two of the same MagicBands and was missing the Skech magicband. At that time they said they had sold out of the skech magicband.

    I then headed over to Epcot and was unable to link the bands to my account. Since the store had never sold MagicBands before they forgot or didn’t know that they need to activate the MagicBands when they are sold. So took them into the park with the receipt to guest services and after verifying the receipt and making some phone calls the MagicBands were now linked to my account. I went over to Sorin to test them on the fastpass touch points but they just lit up green like any normal magicband. I then went out and re-entered the park to see if they had any special effects at park entrance. They do, they flicker white sort of like a snowflake effect.

    By 2:30PM people were reporting that they were sold out of two of the four MagicBands and at that point just had learned that none of the previously sold MagicBands had been activated.

    On the following day (Sunday) when the store opened they had all four MagicBands available and all of them had already been set to link-it-later before the store opened.

    • I went Sunday night and bought two of them they still had all four I bought the two most popular I guess but I haven’t linked them yet to my annual pass I hope I don’t have problems doing so now. They are also selling them on the app

  3. I’m (not so) patiently waiting for these to be available on the shop Disney parks app, because if I don’t get one that way I’m afraid they will be completely soldout of all the designs by the time I get to WDW. Can’t wait to see better pictures of the designs!

  4. hi ethan
    where are the Dooney & Bourke MagicBand on sale//???
    i wil be in wdw on friday where can i get yjem ???
    thanks h

  5. Dooney & Bourke print names:

    “Disney Sketch” – White magicband showing Mickey, Dumbo and the castle
    “Disneyana” – White magicband showing the iconic locations from each WDW park
    “Best of Mickey” – Gray magicband showing Mickey’s head, hands, shorts and shoes as well as Minnie’s bow and shoes
    “Mickey and Minnie Mouse Downtown” – White magicband that shows Mickey and Minnie inside the Disneyland

  6. They are available on the app! Got mine. Free shipping plus pass holder discount woot woot!

    Glad I waited and didn’t pull the trigger to buy on eBay. For $80 or more…

  7. Thank’s for the update, thankfully got my order in over the weekend for the “Disneyana” design band. I actually just checked the app and it has been flagged as “Low stock, In-store purchase Only.” The others seem to still be in stock on the app.

    These wen’t pretty fast!

  8. Yea, these are selling out faster than most of the magicbands this year. The addition of the already established fan base for Dooney & Bourke products was a big factor.

  9. Just received the pink Dooney and Bourke and we bought it on the Disney Store website. Went to check, and they are sold out (in this style) online

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