Loki Disney+ MagicBand Coming Soon! – UPDATED

No surprise!… We’ve received a heads up that a Limited Edition MagicBand for the upcoming Marvel show on Disney+, Loki, is coming soon. We aren’t sure of the edition size but based on the MagicBands for the other Disney+ Marvel shows, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, we’d bet it will be limited to 1000. The band base color is rumored to be orange. Currently a release date is unknown, but the show debuts on Disney+ on June 11th. We will update this post and the checklist as we find out more.

UPDATE 5/24: the MagicBand was released on shopDisney this morning. It is orange and the edition size is 1500. Navigate to the checklist to find out more details and how you can purchase one.

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