Four new Limited Edition 25th Anniversary DVC Member MagicBands announced

Tonight Disney announced a bunch of new merchandise to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Disney Vacation Club and four new Limited Edition MagicBands are included in that announcement. The new design of the band and box celebrates the 25th anniversary of Disney Vacation Club and is available in 4 different colors: purple, blue, red and pink. Each box will be themed to the color of the band, so there will be four unique boxes as well. Here’s what the purple band and box looks like:


Because the bands are Limited Edition, they most likely will play specials lights and sounds at entry and/or FastPass+ touch points, and I’ll post again when I have more information on this. You must be a DVC Member to purchase one of these bands, and there is a limit of two per person. They will cost $32.99 each, and according to the picture, each color will be limited to 2500.

There are 3 easy ways to purchase:

As I get more details on these MagicBands, I will be sure to post about them on this site.

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    • It’s 2 per person, meaning 2 for each person in your family. So if you have 6 people in your family, you can buy 12 total. But that is in-person at WDW. Online orders will probably only let you buy just 2 total.

  1. Any idea what they mean by “select retail locations?” Are there stores that typically sell DVC merchandise or are otherwise known for carrying Limited Edition bands?

  2. I am trying to purchase but all I am getting is Item Not Available? It’s only 8:10a so is there a specific time they begin selling or are they really sold out?

  3. Was able to purchase two. (That is all I need) Also saw an option to add quantity for each color. I got pink and blue. That was at 10:37am eastern time.

  4. People are buying them out and posting on eBay for crazy amounts. That really stinks for the people who are dvc members who want the band for their yearly vacation. Greed, Greed, Greed. They should only let DVC members purchase them.

    • I agree Debbie. Why they don’t restrict it to DVC members I don’t know…. but just because they are DVC members doesn’t mean that they also wouldn’t be eBay resellers. DVC members might want to try and make a buck too.

  5. I was able to purchase 1 of each on the 13th but I see they are no longer in the app at all. Typically they would say out of stock and allow to view in the map if available at WDW but they’re gone.

    I am still waiting for my email confirming shipped.

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