Lights and sounds for all four Limited Edition 2015 Star Wars MagicBands

Here are the videos that show the lights and sounds for all four Limited Edition MagicBands released this year at Star Wars Weekends 2015. The lightsaber bands were only available to attendees of the Galactic Gathering event.

There is a Cast Member talking over the Jedi Mickey and Jedi Donald videos, and I’m working on getting better videos, but the characters say “May The Force Be With You!” in their respective voices if you can’t hear it on the videos.

Jedi Mickey (LE 2500):

Jedi Donald (LE 2500):

Red Lightsaber (LE 350):

Green Lightsaber (LE 330):

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  1. I can barely hear any of those over whoever is talking in the background. What sound does the Vader saber make?

  2. Do the bands make special sound and light at certain rides or all of them? Bought both mickey and Donald today.

  3. A Ethan were u able to get all 4 bands or the Star Wars weekend.
    I know the 2 light sabor ones u need to go to the event to per order

  4. I stood in line Friday to get the Donald/Mickey Jedi bands (my fiance is a big Star Wars/Donald fan) and they are awesome! The sounds and lights were neat, but the best parts were the cast members. One girl got really excited seeing, as she put it, “Something other than just green!”

  5. I bought the Mickey Jedi band – do you think they will extend the “sounds & lights” to the rest of the parks at some point?

  6. I just got a Vader saber magic band as a gift. I won’t be getting to WDW until after Star Wars Weekends. Will the sound and light effect still happen after Star Wars Weekends ends? Would be a shame not to experience it first-hand, but love the gift regardless!

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