Are Figment, Villains, and Donald Duck MagicBands coming later this year?

The Disney Parks Blog has hinted that Figment from the Journey Into Imagination with Figment ride at Epcot may have his own MagicBand later this year. If you are unfamiliar with Figment, he is a special character created just for Epcot, and is a small purple dragon. He can’t be found anywhere else in the Disney universe.

Figment Dragon

A visitor to the Disney Parks Blog posted the following comment on the blog:

Hi Steven,

I’m hoping that we’ll soon see Figment MagicBands and Dreamfinder MagicBands also:) A few months ago you told me that a lot of new Figment merchandise was coming soon. Were you ever right!! I’ve added a ton of new Figment items to my collection since the Imagination Gala Pin Event last September!! I know you’re a huge Figment fan too! Thanks for the heads up!!


Steven Miller, Merchandise Communications Manager, then replied with the following:

@Steve – Glad you liked the new Figment products – the hat is amazing! As for a retail MagicBand with Figment … dreams may come true this year. Stay tuned. :)

There are a number of reasons why this information is intriguing. Could this imply a potential purple MagicBand is on the way? Or that more characters are coming that are beyond just the princesses and well known movie icons? And will it just be Figment, or will it be an attraction MagicBand, similar to the Seven Dwarves Mine Train MagicBand that was given to press before the ride opened?

Disney Parks Blog has also posted hints about Villains and Donald Duck coming as well. Asked about Villains:

when are you going to start adding the Villains

and the response:

@Julie – This year will be an exciting one :)

And asked about Donald Duck:

We’re annual passholders and coming for our first visit of the year next weekend to celebrate my Daughter in Law’s birthday and bringing our 2 and 3 year old grandchildren for their first visit. I didn’t see Donald as being introduced on a magic band….will he be available this year? I’m probably his biggest fan!

with the response:

@Bonnie – This year will be an exciting one :)

What’s interesting is that Steven flat out states no when blog visitors ask about characters that aren’t currently being planned for MagicBands, such as Mulan, Seven Dwarves, Jungle Book characters, or Tiana. But with certain characters like Figment, Donald, and the Villains he tends to hint that “this year will be an exciting one”.

I’m excited! It’s great to know that Disney is indeed thinking a bit outside of the box when it comes to future graphic MagicBands.

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  1. I hope that this comes to pass! I also hope that at least some type of Figment band will be Limited Edition as it’s the only type of bands that I collect. I’ve had all six for quite some time now, and I’m itching for more LE band info.

    Side note: please, releaes a solid white band with nothing more than the eyes and mouth of Baymax on it. I’ll drop good money on it, Limited Edition or not!

    But yes, cannot wait to see Figment and Journey bands!

    Thanks for the great site, as always!

    • I really hope they make a lot more Limited Edition MagicBands in the future as well! They are my favorite to collect. I love the boxes.

      Unfortunately it looks like the Olaf Santa hat LE MagicBand hasn’t sold too well this winter. There are TONS left around the parks. In my opinion they need to make them LE 2500 or less.

      Watch for new LE bands for Star Wars Weekend. I would be surprised if they don’t release any.

  2. Do Magic bands still have to be purchased in the parks to have them linked to park tickets? I ask as we will not be going until May 2016 and I would love to get a special band beyond the basic colors but did not think they could be purchased outside the parks before hand. Is that still true?

  3. I’m dying in anticipation of possible Villain bands, and withholding my purchase of one until we find out if there will be any! Has there been any recent hints to their coming? (I’m assuming if they release any this year, it will coincide with the first MNSSHP – we will be attending the last, but I would go to some lengths to get one before they’re all gone)!

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