High quality images of the new Stitch MagicBand

Along with the Minnie MagicBand I was able to obtain the Stitch band today. Again, this band is Open Edition and does not make lights and sounds at the entry and FP+ touchpoints. This band should be on the shelves for many months to come. Here are some pictures.

Word of warning: This MagicBand was very hard to locate on the wall of MyMagic+ accessories, because the front of the band looks like a normal red MagicBand. Make sure you look at the back of the box to make sure you’re getting Stitch! I almost left Epcot today without it. I have an opinion post on the packaging of MagicBands here.

stitch-disney-magicband-hq-2 stitch-disney-magicband-hq-1

stitch-disney-magicband-hq-5 stitch-disney-magicband-hq-4


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  1. Could you please tell the prices of the bands. It helps me plan for how much money to give someone when they go down to pick these up for me.

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