Here’s a picture of the new Minnie Mouse Signature MagicBand

As I posted in a story just a few days ago, has been showing the Minnie Mouse Signature MagicBand with a new autograph that’s been corrected to match the theme park autographs from Minnie.  Today my order has arrived and the signature is indeed new and correct! I’m hoping they end up correcting Goofy as well in the future.

Here’s some pictures:

IMG_1627 2

minnie_hq_1 IMG_1627

For comparison, here’s the older signature that will probably not be on the shelves in the theme parks much longer:


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  1. I got my Disney store Minnie Mouse bands and they are indeed different than the “old” park version, BUT why can’t the Disney store get stuff to us in good shape?

    I ordered 2 bands and one had its box folded so much that the 2 layers that are usually glued together (front and back) were separate (as someone tried to open the package from the side). The second box was I perfect shape, but they stuck a second link it later sticker hap-hazardly on the back and using even the utmost care it would not come off without pulling off the colored top layer from the package below, leaving a big white damaged I colored area.
    This is VERY ANNOYING because this is not the first time they have sent crappy condition “new” stuff. (If I wanted stuff like that I could just wait and get it at the outlet for much cheaper thank you.)
    –>If their customer service on the phone was not so good I would be very upset! :/

    They know perfectly well that people collect all sorts of Disney stuff, so why can’t they figure this out?!
    I’ve done my part (twice so far) letting them know people collect magic bands so they really need to at least make an effort to take care of the items they ship out, but apparently they are slow in figuring it out. So now it is your turn to let them know, because unfortunately sooner rather than later, I am sure it will happen to y’all too.
    I feel better now. Thanks for reading (and collecting). 😉

    • Please excuse the (at least 3) typos.
      I must have been typing in frustration because I only noticed them after posting. My bad. 🙁

  2. There are some new magic band sliders at Big Top Souvenirs in Story Book Circus in the Magic Kingdom. They are really cool and they actually have pictures of park attractions on them. Would you like me to send you a picture? If so, how would you like me to send the picture?

  3. Ethan–hiw to contact you via email? I want to send you pcs of a new Magic Band, found at the Dark Room that isn’t listed on your website.

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